The New Next Capital Campaign Launches in Nogales

August 31, 2015

Walk down any street in Nogales and you’ll feel it—our community’s growing desire to achieve socio-economic independence and prosperity. We know it’s possible, and after much exploration and collaboration, a small group of resourceful, strategically-minded citizens has laid out a path. Integral to this new direction are the Nogales Innovation Centers. 

Be a Part of the Robust Revitalized Nogales

Located at several repurposed properties in downtown Nogales, the innovation centers’ new collaborative training and businesses spaces will fuel the talent and innovativeness of our vibrant, multi-cultural community and lead us to an inspirational future. The centers will go beyond meeting traditional challenges of food, housing, education and employment to encourage entrepreneurship along the U.S.-Mexico border and cast Nogales in a new light. They’ll close the gap between aspiration and realization along our border. 


If you want to see Nogales fulfill its destiny as the fortunate forerunner of small global cities of the future, invest in this revitalizing project and know you were there at the beginning of a new era. The engine is running. The timing is perfect. With reasonable support, we’ll reach our goal of $2 million. We’re counting on your foresight and love of place. Support the innovation centers and define Nogales’s role in the 21st century as The New Next.

To ignite the future for Nogales entrepreneurs, the innovation centers will feature:

  • Business offices and services
  • A computer training lab
  • A community health and learning center
  • Business incubators including a commercial kitchen
  • Collaborative working spaces
  • Stackable formally-delivered workshops and trainings
  • A makerspace where artisans share resources and craft their wares
  • Community gardens

If you’d like to shape the future of Nogales by supporting The New Next, get in touch with Nils Urman at Nogales Community Development: 520-313-3434 (cell) / 520-397-9219 (office) /

View The New Next capital campaign brochure.