A Greater Nogales

“A Greater Nogales” is a coalition of organizations that promotes economic and community vitality in the region. Participating organizations are Nogales Community Development, Nogales-Santa Cruz Port Authority and Nogales Economic Development Foundation. The coalition’s identifier, “A Greater Nogales,” connects the community’s collective identity, articulating its unique culture, personality and larger function within the region. 

Through a family of four websites, developed by Nogales Community Development, the coalition is presenting a more complete, accurate portrait of Nogales, an energetic community where people from all parts of the globe live, work and play. It is also amplifies Nogales, Arizona’s economic development efforts through a comprehensive online identity that interconnects organizational missions to serve the whole community. The fours sites have a unified community identity with a shared vocabulary, a single style of navigation, and visual consistency throughout. Yet each site remains true to its own organizational brand.

The websites serve as a reciprocating engine of information and identity that will change people’s perception about Nogales by promoting facts, new perspectives, regional context and personal stories.

As part of the process, stakeholders participated with consultants in developing a strategic brand guidebook, creative brand strategy, visual brand style guide, key messaging, and industry profile and asset inventory for “A Greater Nogales.” Professional photography was taken to reflect the area’s sense of place.

To learn more about “A Greater Nogales,” please contact Nils Urman at Nogales Community Development:

520-313-3434 (cell) / 520-397-9219 (office) / nils.urman@gmail.com