Red Route


Crawford Street 

This is a walk for the aerobically inclined and well worth the effort. Begin the 1.2-mile Red Tour at El Charrito, the original store of our tour guide, Maestro Ochoa at the intersection of Elm Street and Terrace Avenue. If you look closely, you can see the El Charrito’s sign through the years and coats of paint. It was from this store that Maestro loaded his cart with candy and ice cream and peddled it to the local schools. His after-school arrival delighted generations of Nogales’ children with sweets and was the signal for play to begin on Crawford Street. 

RedRouteStops include:
1. El Charrito: 204-210 Elm Street
2. 167 Terrace Avenue
3. 149 Sonoita Avenue
4. 357 W. Crawford Street
5. 411 W. Crawford Street
6. 429 W. Crawford Street
7. 455 W. Crawford Street
8. 536 W. Crawford Street 
9. 504 W. Crawford Street 
10. 432 W. Crawford Street 
11. 404 W. Crawford Street
12. 210 West Street