Gold Route


Walk and Drive the Tracks of Time 

The Gold Tour is designed to identify areas that otherwise might not be viewed because of the locations. Court Street climbs the hill south of the 1904 Courthouse. Many of the homes on Court Street are still owned by heirs of Nogales’ pioneer families. Marcus Park just east of the courthouse has elements of a Japanese garden. In December, the Christmas lights that adorn the period homes on Court Street are stunning. 

GoldRouteStops include:
1. Court Street
2. 1904 Historic Court House: 405 Morley Avenue
3. Nogales Post Office: 300 N. Morley Avenue
4. Mexican Consulate: 571 N. Grand Avenue
5. Nash House: 613 N. Sierra Avenue
6. Nogales High School
7. Sacred Heart Church: 252 N. Rodriguez Street