Blue Tour


Morley and Grand Avenues

Begin the Blue Tour at the Pimeria Alta Museum-the Old Town Hall. In 1914, the Nogales Volunteer Fire Department pitched in and built the Old Town Hall on Grand Avenue, which is now home to many historic treasures. Designed by the renowned Tucson architect Henry O. Jaastad, the building was constructed with all of the amenities-steam heat, sewer, electricity, and running water. The entire ground floor can be explored.

BlueRouteStops include:
1. Pimeria Alta Museum: 136 N. Grand Avenue
2. Nogales Herald Monument: at the corner of Grand Avenue and Crawford Street
3. Escalada and Gebler Buildings: 81-85 N. Grand Avenue
4. Railroad Tracks: at Park Street
5. Historic Gate Crossing: ends at Morley Avenue at the Mexican border
6. The Levy Building: 16 N. Morley Avenue
7. Wilde’s Stationer and Popular Cash: 43 Morley Avenue
8. 43 N. Morley Avenue
9. Woolworth Company: 34-46 Morley Avenue
10. The Kress Building: 48 Morley Avenue
11. The Vasquez Building: 71 Morley Avenue
12. La Cinderella: 85 Morley Avenue
13. The Montezuma Hotel: 104-120 Morley Avenue
14. Nasib Karam Park: Corner of Park Street and Morley Avenue
15. The Jose Piskorski Building: 180-184 Morley Avenue