Historic Nogales

Nogales: An Historic Main Street Community

In Nogales, Historic Main Street is a place filled with wonder from across the border and around the world. It’s a unique culture, a weave of Asian, European, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Black influences that came to Nogales because of a robust economy that included ranching, retail, railroad, mining, military and produce. Nogales’s history is filled with tales of legendary characters such as Fray Marcos de Niza, Pete Kitchen, Geronimo and Pancho Villa. Today, Nogales plays a vital role as a critical port of entry to our international neighbor, Mexico. This is an exciting edge of the world; we welcome all who wish to participate. 

Nogales Main Street Program 


The historic clock at the Pimeria Alta Historical Society & Museum

Historic Nogales Main Street is a program within Nogales Community Development that uses partnerships, local resources and initiative to support a comprehensive, incremental approach to revitalizing Nogales’ unique heritage and attributes in order to stimulate long-term economic growth and pride in the traditional center-downtown. Please take time to look at our programs, projects and historic tours.

Here For You

The staff at Nogales Community Development is ready to assist residents and visitors in downtown Nogales or throughout Santa Cruz County. Whether Nogales is home or whether just passing through or shopping, we’re here to provide information on shops, restaurants, destinations, and attractions on the Nogales border. Call Nogales Community Development at (520) 397-9219.