Community Revitalization

Streetscape & Parking


Downtown Parking Lots

In 1999, NCD acquired three pieces of property and created affordable parking options for the employees of the downtown businesses so more convenient street level parking is available for visitors and shoppers.

Morley Avenue

NCD coordinated a City of Nogales grant from the Arizona Department of Transportation to repair sidewalks, provide pedestrian amenities and lighting and replace a 100-year old waterline that ran between International Street and Court Street. NCD managed all the public input and hearings for this project, acted as a liaison between business owners and project engineers and became the primary advocate for downtown businesses and property owners.

In total, over $900,000 was invested in the Morley Avenue project.

Shopper’s Amenities

NCD manages the daily maintenance and operations of the public rest rooms in Karam Park for the estimated 40,000 shoppers and visitors that occupy downtown Nogales each day. Through a project funded by Arizona Main Street, NCD developed a downtown way-finding plan. As part of that plan, the Arizona Office of Tourism funded the City of Nogales to build two kiosks with information and maps about the downtown district to guide visitors and shoppers.

Terrace Avenue Road Improvement

This project will improve pedestrian amenities, enhance safety, and provide way-finding signage for the 625 linear foot stretch that is the primary pedestrian walkway at the international border in Nogales. The project will cost over $1 million and is the result of over 5 years of planning, consensus building and collaboration. NCD managed meetings and acted as a liaison between the City of Nogales and the Terrace Avenue property owners during the entire process.

The “Little” Mercado


Local food entrepreneurs ramp up production and sales at The “little” Mercado.

From an empty dirt lot on Morley Avenue in the Nogales business district, NCD developed The “Little” Mercado, providing an enterprise area for small businesses to operate food carts and sell crafts.  With property acquisition and site improvements, NCD gathered over $600,000 in resources to complete this project. Today there are two vendors selling a variety of Mexican fare to visitors and shoppers during daytime hours. Each Friday, the Little Mercado is transformed into a farmer’s markets and several times a year is a venue for local festivals. Soon a commercial kitchen will become part of the Little Mercado to incubate food enterprise businesses. 

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