Community Revitalization

Job Creation

NCD helped create 37 jobs (29.5 of which have been retained), 22 new businesses, and 11 micro-business enterprises (6 of which remain in business). It is noteworthy that NCD also created a small entrepreneurial space in which 20 merchants have sold their goods at The “Little” Mercado community/farmer’s market on a biannual basis — the Nogales Mercadito, or Nogales Community Market.

Food Enterprises Project

NCD’s Food Enterprises Project helped launch two Santa Cruz County farmers markets, create 14 new businesses, create 6 new jobs in food-related businesses and retain 60 existing jobs in food-related businesses.

The “Little Mercado” business and marketing plan completed in March 2007 identified sufficient space on the site for 11 food vendor kiosks. Of the 11 businesses that have since been assisted in getting their business start through the Little Mercado, six have succeeded, and five have failed. The remaining businesses include Señorita Laura, Negrete Parking, Sonora Parking, Cuatacos, Cele’s Hotdogs and Taqueria Porfis (which has since relocated).

In April 2009, NCD launched its biannual community market, the Nogales Mercadito. Approximately 20 merchants have sold their goods at the Community Market, and an additional 7 community-based organizations are providing community information.   NCD is trying to find a permanent operator for the community market through funding for a plan from USDA for a Mercadito Plan.

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