Community Revitalization

Adaptive Building Reuse

Nogales Community Development is in the process of converting several historic properties into new assets that will serve the community. These properties serve as a way to preserve Nogales’s rich and significant history while building a healthy future for people of all ages in the heart of the city.

Former Bowman Hotel

In 2015, NCD will redevelop the three-story Bowman Hotel (listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986), located at 229 North Grand Avenue as 48 units of low-to-moderate income housing for senior citizens. NCD committed to redevelop the former Bowman hotel to serve as a model for redevelopment of underutilized, historically significant properties in the core downtown area and to meet a great need for affordable rental housing in downtown Nogales.

The Bowman, 245 Grand Avenue in Nogales, Arizona was built in 1917. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. It is the oldest remaining residential hotel in Nogales. It is associated with Wirt G. Bowman, a prominent early Nogales businessman and a state and national politician. It is an exemplar of early twentieth century commercial architecture and features a locally unique decorative art stone cornice. Learn more.

Former Foxworth Galbraith Lumberyard

The former lumber retail store and lumberyard will provide physical and social space for job readiness, international trade employment retention and expansion, community health and small business-centered trainings and learning experimentation. The 10,000 square foot center will provide a training facility for residents and businesses operating within Santa Cruz County to gain increasingly sophisticated levels of skills, training, business knowledge and financial capital to meet international-trade related needs and expand county employment. 

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