Our Work

NCD builds on our successes to increase our ability to address the needs of the Nogales community, its stakeholders and partners. In 20 15 a priority for NCD is to assist downtown businesses reach new markets through more effective promotion. NCD is committed to completing a mixed-use project in downtown while increasing home ownership among low to moderate income households. NCD will take full advantage of its entrepreneurial enterprise facility as a community gathering and event space to provide a launching pad for small businesses, as well as to support existing downtown businesses.

NCD continues to focus on the following core activities:

  • Generate home ownership and other housing opportunities in the City of Nogales to help reduce poverty, provide stability and retain residents within the City.
  • Create a more diverse business mix in downtown by offering training, providing tools and resources and creating a dedicated workspace that acts as a launching pad for new business ventures. 
  • Continue to strengthen and improve Downtown Nogales as a vibrant, viable commercial core through the Main Street Program. 
  • Expand our capacity to provide the programs and staff needed to facilitate our mission and support the broader vision for housing, community development and downtown revitalization.
  • Increase the visibility of the NCD to strengthen partnerships/collaborations and broaden awareness of what we do on our impact in the community.

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